Saturday, 17 August 2013

The patchwork of my life

..hmm can you tell where my current obsessions are lying?

Currently in my 'other' life as a crafter, I am making not one but four patchwork quilts of one type or another.

Sewing the seeds of another quilty idea!!

But the word 'patchwork' suddenly and inexplicably threw me back, mentally speaking anyway, to an old post about work-life-study balance, and its differing interpretations.
So I have a mental image of a 3-coloured quilt, featuring something relating to work, something relating to life and something relating to study.  I don't see the colours clearly yet but just thought that I would share it with myself and the world in general.  Just to prove that there is indeed life outside the washing basket, and even outside of the study.

Maybe I'll make it one day to celebrate my graduation and all the journey has meant to me.

What's next?

To answer that - I don't have an answer for anyone yet.  That question is still remaining mysterious to me too. From a work point of v...