Button pushing and standing on ceremony

Well, officially today I have pushed the button to confirm formal acceptance of my degree.  Why so long?  I guess a last little degree of terror that something would go wrong at this late stage, that pushing the button would affect my transitional funding.  I even made a call to the Student helpdesk to double-check before finally allowing myself the pleasure.

I've definitely decided to delay the actual graduation ceremony till 2017 when I graduate with honours.  There's not a ceremony till next September that would be local enough for my lovely family to attend, which somehow feels like too close to the end of the whole thing, as I'd be getting ready to start the final module by then.

But I have to admit, I've shared my new-found graduate status with anyone who'll listen!!  It was one of those moments I was grateful for the presence of Facebook, to be able to share the joy with all the people who have been so supportive throughout the journey so far.

And yeah, somehow I still can't quite believe it's true and real, I have printed out the confirmation of my qualification acceptance to stick on the study wall and keep me inspired through the darker days of these final two modules.

Veronica Colling BSc Open (if I say it enough maybe it will become more real in my head!!?)

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