On the edge of the basket....aka work-life balance and what it actually means....part 1

This post suggested itself to me at the end of a Bank Holiday Monday that I'd enjoyed a lot.  Bizarrely though, so had my husband and son....which sounds peculiar I know but let me explain and it will maybe make the post itself become clearer.

On a Bank Holiday Monday (henceforth to be known as BHM cos I can't be bothered to keep spelling out the whole thing), my idea of a great day is one where I have done lots of separate things, not spent the whole day doing one particular hobby or activity, it usually involves a little housework (so I feel less guilty about spending lots of time doing other things) and may even involve a little bit of study (hence its relevance to the blog here).  For my hubby, a great BHM involves getting up late, spending lots of time on (whatever the game of the moment is), and generally reading a lot.  For my 6-year old it varies - at the moment he's currently obsessed with a Ratchet and Clank video game, so his ideal BHM would be spending as much time on that as possible.  Last BHM we all seemed to achieve just that.

Which got me thinking about 'work-life balance', and how it can mean vastly different things to each of us.

Now my idea of work-life balance (with its piles of study involved) probably sounds like hell to other people.  Conversely, I feel like I have wasted a day if all I do is spend it in front of the TV or a game, my best days are filled with activity.  For my best friend Deborah, a good 'work-life-balance' day probably involves catching just the right bus to waste as little time as possible in her long commute - although that same commute does make for a fantastic blog - check out mybusday.blogspot.com for some good reading.  So I guess whatever feels most balanced to you is the right one for you.

My idea of work-life balance also involves a manageable level of housework..somewhere about the edge of the washing basket....but that's a tale for another post at another time.

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