Stunned and Amazed!! Magic disappearing numbers

Well, I never!!

Stunned - having submitted my assignment a day over time (having been allowed an extension) only on Wednesday night, I was certainly not expecting an email dated Saturday telling me it was ready!

Amazed - somehow I must take all this stuff in more than I give myself the credit for - my result was an astounding (in my head anyway) 89%!!

I'd found myself a bit lost off in one particular question, and this was where I lost marks (funny isn't it, we see 89% but think OK where did I lose the other 11?)  Like they magically disappeared into the ether somewhere.

I'm always happy to find that I lose marks in the places I expect to lose them, it means I'm on track and know which areas are my weakness.  The trouble occurs when you lose marks somewhere that you thought made complete sense - there was a patch like that in the first assignment for this course, which I may have to revisit and take some tutor advice upon.

But all in all, hey, talking to Deborah the other day, regarding what mark would make me happy for it - well, it takes 40% to pass, I would have been moderately happy with that, anything over 60 would put a big grin on my face, anything over 70 I would fall off my chair!!  I didn't plan for 'anything over 80' in my head as I didn't think I would go there - let alone so close to 90!!  So I think ecstatic comes to mind!!

And the procrastination fairy has left the building, I had 2 full days off from studying, and returned to reading on Saturday and practical work today.  This is a record for me - normally I lose about 2 weeks in the 'I don't want to go anywhere near a computer' phase that seems to happen after a massive assignment period.  Somehow I just felt ready to get back to it and try to stay on track - one more assignment in August and then the exam in October.

And then the Level 3 course won't start till February 2014 (although the OU are tinkering with the course start dates again, so 2014 will be a year with no lull for me, the next one will begin in the October).

Really looking forward to some downtime this year I have to admit.  I have a box of crafts both un-finished and un-started to keep me busy and intend to do lots of them.

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