One to go...

Well thankfully having stuck to the plan of attack that worked for me last assignment, TMA02 is all completed and submitted, and I have survived to tell the tale.  The washing basket is under control, we seem to be working well as a team in that area with no sock left behind..

Which leaves just the final TMA in this course, and of course the exam (watch this space on the exam and whether I can actually attend...).

And then again just one to go more module between me and BSc Open (Hons).  Having perused the available courses (there are now an additional 3 to choose from), I'm still quite settled at present at the idea of TM351 - Data Management & Analysis, database work being the one major gap in my technical know-how.  Mind you, a few months down the line when I have been training in the 'real world', that gap may not be so wide, and another option may creep in.

If I'm honest, I also like the thought that TM351 has an End of Module Assessment rather than an exam at the end of it all - so when it's done, it's done.

And then when it's done, what then?  Well for that I have to admit I don't know - a lot will depend on how the software developer training goes, whether I am then let out in the world as a trained IT Ninja Monkey.  I guess if I have truly earned my banana, then I will be learning every day at work, from what I gather the life of a software developer is a constantly changing one, that needs a lifelong commitment to learning.

My OU journey has certainly been at least partially responsible for the new challenges I'm about to embark on, and for that I will be eternally both grateful to the OU and proud of myself for having the guts to stick with it.  Bring it on....and I'll let you know more in the next couple of weeks!!

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