Confident in a Crisis?

Not really study related, or particularly washing-basket, but just having one of those 'Is it just me?' days and thought I would share.

Being in the middle of a difficult tech chat, I was sure and certain at first of my stance, but as the call wore on so my confidence started to slip.  I got the manager to check my thinking and was vindicated, but still it left me shaken,  I thought I had left that old demon of self-doubt behind?

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Wild Blue Yonder?
And to be honest too, blogpeeps, a lack of confidence in my blog of late, and in whether it actually takes my Washing Basket out beyond the doors and into the Wild Blue Yonder?  My initial thoughts with regards to audience were fellow OU students and distance learners as well as the frustrated home-makers such as myself who lusted for a life beyond the Basket, but maybe they're all busy actually studying and have no time to procrastinate while reading my inane ramblings?

(I've got such a big set of changes coming up, and SOOOOO much to learn (a 59-page document detailing the 'overview' of the Software Developer training arrived in my inbox today - gulp!!).  Not to mention OU assignments to plan and complete, tutorials to attend etc - you get the idea, right?).  It just made me wonder where my confidence levels will be, or need to be, to succeed in this massive undertaking.  Can I display the person that I need to be on the outside?

I think I just need to put a few more 'knowns' into the bag - the 'overview' has arrived before the confirmation of when and where the course, and subsequent placements etc, will be.  And of course because I'm somewhat 'blazing the trail' as a lower-grade applicant, I'm maybe not in the same position even at the end as my compatriots on the course.  So many questions to which I have no solid answers yet.

So for the moment I just have to keep doing what I'm doing, trying to make steady progress on the TMA.  Tick - it's actually going pretty well to plan, even if sometimes reading the material does feel like wading through treacle!!  (note to self - nobody likes treacle in the Washing Basket...)

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