Frazzles and 'pressing pause' and 'pressing fast forward' not the good old bacon-flavoured potato snack:

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Sorry, where was I?

Oh yes in the midst of everything, and feeling a tad frazzled by it all.

I have a few more 'knowns' to fill out the information, I now have confirmed dates and locations for training.  So why all the frazzling?

Image result for pause buttonWell one of the most intensive periods of the training happens to be right around the date of my OU exam for this course, with a complete ban on 'time off' during classroom periods.  So I am faced once again with the possibility of having to 'press pause' on my studies - known as 'Assessment Banking' - this is a way to save your progress so far in the module and then complete the rest in the next presentation of the course.  I'm not quite prepared to ask that question before the training begins, so it's a kind of 'find out the details and the how to do it' beforehand, with great hopes that I don't actually have to use the facility.

I've come so far and am SO close to the end of the OU journey that it's massively frustrating if I can't sit the exam, but on the other hand the Software Developer opportunity is the chance that I've been journeying towards, so I know it would be the right move.

My weight-loss journey also needs adjustments to fit in with the new plans, not a major thing in the grand scheme of things but another thing to have to 'organise'.

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And finally...It all begins at the end of next week - so of course I would like to just be able to press 'fast-forward' on life and get there quickly, so I can iron out the remaining unknowns and just be on that Brand New Journey.

Speaking of which - therein (finally) may lie the potential contents of 'Page 2' - I think the OU/Washing Basket journey and the Software journey, inextricably linked though they may be, could warrant separate spaces in my blog?

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