Survived to tell the tale

Phew, exam over and done with, and for a couple of months my time is my own again!  Well....what little time is left over after training.. But you know what I mean!
The exam was OK, feel like I did more than enough to pass, don't feel like there was a distinction in there, but still hoping that I could surprise myself!!
Feel like I will really enjoy the rest this time round.. What is it with life, we always think we were busy, and then a new regime or temporary change in routines comes along to show us just how much free time we still did have?
Starting to really feel the ache of being full time at the moment, the little things become big things because they are taking up what's left of an already depleted pot of free time.  Stupid things like leftovers in the fridge become a battle of wills as to which exhausted partner will deal with them first.  Problem is, we're even too tired to fight about this stuff, so it just sits there instead.  (I hasten to add that I have lost the battle of wills and am off to clear out the fridge in a moment, before reverting to standard 'collapse on couch' post-exam mode.......I can't take the sight of a fortnight's worth of expired sandwich filler any longer!!)
And only about 6 more weeks of full time work to go I think, which is a very nice thought.

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