..And the start of a new era

Sorry it's taken so long to get round to posting, it's been a bit of a fuzzy-mind kind of few weeks!

I now have a placement arranged for the 'real life' portion after the training is finished!!   A couple of us get to go back to the team where we spent our mid-term placement, it was such a great experience that I am very excited to go back.  I know that it's going to be a constant learning curve to keep up, but that's part of the fun for me, that we get to keep learning new and exciting things.

Last week we started our end-of-training project, we have to build a web portal with a front end, middle portion and database back end.  It's quite an intricate challenge, have made a good start but there's loads left to do in the next fortnight.  It's making it all feel very real all of a sudden though, the things we're being asked to understand and utilise are complex and yet I feel as though I am starting to put them into context.

It's going to be hard being split up from the team I think, we've become quite close-knit over the training period - on the other hand as I am now starting to dream about them at night, I think a bit of space may well be recommended!!

Soon I will also be embarking on the final OU sign-up, one more course between me and Honours!  I'm becoming fairly certain that I would be leaning towards practical learning once I have finished with the degrees for good, I think I like the idea of the Masters etc much more than I like the idea of the work involved.  So unless I'm actively encouraged in that direction by work, I believe that taking on new practical code challenges may be more in my future.

I need to update page 2 again soon, but I need to work out what day numbers we did what on....

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