T minus 2..and counting!

Yeesh - 2 days left till the exam!  I've prepared probably as much as I can manage in the limited time left to me while I'm doing the Software Developer training.  Still doesn't feel like enough practice, but what can you do?  I have tonight and tomorrow when I shall look at a couple of past papers, the morning of the exam on Friday will be spent on the couch staring at the TV.

I've completed a full set of revision notes from my course materials, that will be my commute-reading on Friday on the way to the exam.  I'm not a 'crammer', if I don't know it by now then I will never know it.

I'll just be so glad to get it over and done with, it will be nice to just have my brain full of the 'day job' and maybe even a teeny little time left for hobbies outside of a computer!  Looking forward to the summer 'break' from study (it's in quotes because I think this summer may well be full of work-related learning, but at least it will be to my own deadlines).

And soon I will need to push that final button, to sign up for the database module, the final sign-up of the degree.  Possibly my last OU sign up ever, unless I decide to take the plunge into Masters territory.  (still only a tiny seedling of thought, and to be honest I may be better spending some money on more practical learning that I can take into the day-job too, not sure about that one and not even pressuring myself to think about it as a serious decision yet).

OK blogpeeps, see you on the other side (I doubt I will get back here before then....)

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