No further journey paused as another begins

Well, I have had to submit an appeal form to try and get onto the module that I need to study last - along with supporting documentation, for which I've used the massive training plan from our software developer training.

It's SO frustrating not knowing whether I can take the final step that I want along this OU road, particularly whilst 'real life' is going so much better.  But I am trying valiantly not to worry until I need to.

So - On the other side of the pond...

This week marked the beginning of the real road for the Software Developer journey - I've attempted a bit of an update over there on page 2 as I've been quite lax in my blogging commitments lately.  The first couple of days appeared to include lots and lots of software installation, not all of which went smoothly for some unknown reason.  Day 3 now, and starting to feel like I am settling in, although so aware of how much I don't know in comparison to the people I am working with.  Trying to maintain that confidence level that I built during training, there's nothing I'm not equal to learning even if there's lots of stuff that's not even vaguely familiar yet, I try to remember how overwhelming the start of the web services training was at first and how much it made sense by the end of the project.

It always was going to be a bit of an 'eek' moment this week, but I feel comfortable that I am in the right place to be making this journey, surrounded by helpful colleagues who thankfully know lots more than me, but don't seem to be averse to explaining stuff along the way (or leaving me to ponder when I want to too....)

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