The end of the start....

Well a double achievement today.  Finished up my end of course project, with a day to spare.  Very happy with the final result, it's not spectacular but has been a major learning experience and one that I think can be built upon while I'm out in the real world.

That makes tomorrow the very last day of our training - we come in next week to review our work with the trainer, but after that it's onwards and upwards to the real world.  Visited with the team again yesterday while we were in the building for a meeting, SO excited to be going back, and they seem genuinely enthusiastic to have us come back.

So what about number 2 achievement?  Well - can't quite believe it, but I only went and managed a Distinction for TM354 - yippee!!  The results weren't due out till next Friday but something in me made me go check tonight.  Really happy, and very proud, feels like even more of an achievement this time round as I combined it with a massive commute and a full time intensive training schedule.  It was worth all the sleepless nights and lunchtimes spent revising as the only time left in the day where I was functional enough to take in information.

So - one smiley lady here!!

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