Well - thankfully, the powers that be allowed me to enroll on the module I want to study, so tonight, I finally pushed the big button, achieving the milestone I've been waiting for, of signing up for my final OU module.

Feels like there has been less pomp and ceremony than that actually warrants in my head, because of the convoluted route I had to take to get there.

So, come 1st October, I will be embarking on the final module of my OU journey.  Going to be interesting to find out what this course is like, and interesting to know what life will be like following the end of the journey!

Meanwhile the Software Developer journey is just beginning, I'm both excited and nervous to be doing it for real now, having just left the training room behind we are off to another one next week, albeit a brief one-day course.  Seems like that journey will be one of constant learning, something that excites me intensely.  (mind you I will be honest and admit that I would have liked a couple of weeks of 'new normal' before tootling off to do more's been lovely having time in the house again, and time to beat my son at cards, read him stories and take him swimming.)

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