More random musings....on busy laziness

I've felt the need more lately to be 'doing' again, although not quite fuelled by sufficient energy to be 'doing' a lot.

I call this 'Busy Laziness' - a need to fill the free time with a little more than casual tablet - gaming, but still wanting to maybe sit in front of a TV while I'm doing it.  So I am back little by little into my cross-stitching, enjoying a few projects simultaneously, one teeny and portable that I can do whilst talking to the BFF, and the others not so teeny, that require a bit more concentrating, these I am saving generally for when I am home and can give them my full concentration at the moment, till I am back in the swing and can be a little more automatic with such things.

Another little part of me is having such fun learning new stuff at work that I am keen to recreate it on a smaller more manageable level at home, so that I can get the principles into my head without worrying so much about the specifics of the implementation of the work project itself.  I also find this helps me cement my understanding of the software concepts.  I've discovered that my Raspberry Pi, a pressie from the youngest Big Little Brother, is ideal for testing out these concepts in a totally safe environment, not risking the breaking or corruption of a main pc, nor worrying about conflicts with work things on the Mac.

(I'm conscious that the last bit of update there is really more appropriate to Page 2, but I'm allowing it here as it's been a goodly part of my 'downtime' this weekend and is a slight step on from the lazy mooching in front of the TV).

Am I ready to get back into the OU swing?  Hmm sometimes yes, sometimes no, I have no shortage of things that I could be learning in the meantime (and will be learning in the meantime), but a little part of me is quite keen now to get into the final module and see how the rest of the journey ends.

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