Saturday 24 September 2016

When the worm turns the other way

Now I have had many posts about how much my OU studies have helped in my career and how enlightening those moments are.

Until now I have not had the opportunity for things to work the other way round.  The software for the TM351 module (the last one!!) requires us to work with a 'Virtual Machine', kind of a 'computer within a computer' to simplify it a little.  I used these once before on a module and struggled a lot, however this time round we are using some of the software that I have been learning about at work!

Yes - the day job is helping with the studying!!  I can't tell you just how awesome that makes me feel, that I am learning such things out in the real world of work.  (I had very occasional 'moments' of that during training when practical learning would help to illustrate a theoretical concept, but this is the first time that practical stuff from work has bled into the 'night job').

Just starting to install software etc now, I have a little over a week left before the module begins, but I am keen to get installed and up and running in time for the start date.  (This despite the fact that my craft 'mojo' has come back just in time to make me feel less like study...)

Kind of raring to go now....just got to get through this installation stage first!

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