And ....we're off...

Finally the module practical materials are installed on a working computer (see page 2 ...), the course written materials downloaded to my Kindle for reading on the long daily commute, and I am ready to be started.  I've started to read the first chapter, and am taking in some of the recommended familiarisation exercises regarding the software we'll be using and the Python programming language.

The module officially begins on Saturday.

I have to admit, normally at this particular point in a module, just before I am due to begin, is when I suddenly feel the Procrastination Fairy beginning to stretch her filmy wings for a couple of weeks, but bizarrely, I remain enthusiastic.  I don't know precisely why, but I get the feeling it's because there is so much of this module that is absolutely brand new knowledge, and there's lots of practical exercises to be undertaken.  Maybe that practical bent is just what I have been waiting for to keep me enthused for the rest of the module?  I hope so!  (or maybe it's just because I am happy in the day-job and this feels like an extension of that?)

Anyway, not going to look a gift horse in the mouth...I will take the enthusiasm and run with it while it lasts, be it for 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months, or the rest of the module.  It's a bit like housework and crafts, just go with it in earnest while the mojo is present, and get through it the rest of the time!

Soldier on, blogpeeps!

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