Wednesday 29 June 2022

BFF SAL 9 - bits of both

Have had a week with very little stitching time, sooooo much extra time at work and too tired after all of that to be inclined to sew.

Tonight's session was somewhat curtailed, with Teenager Drama over a last minute decision to go to the prom in 2 days time.  So any stitching done I count as a bonus!  But always good to share time with my BFF, regardless of craft achievement or lack thereof. 

Worked a little bit of each border, side and bottom. 

Check out my BFF's update on here when she's ready. 


  1. Fabulous work on the borders, getting closer to a finish! I really don't understand all this Prom business. We just went down the pub the day we finished school. My older son declined to go to his, we went to a rock concert instead and I spent the suithire money on a t-shirt for him.