Finally Beyond the Basket!

Well, finally - Page 2 has a purpose - head over there to check it out!  I've put a link below to take you there.

It's amazing to finally be on the journey I've been waiting so long for.  I think we all still have unanswered questions, but feeling loads better about the stuff that I have had answers to - it's unlikely that I will have to cancel my exam, for example.

Today is our first day where we've actually coded anything, I think we all left work on a buzz tonight as a result.  Finish time is not as scarily late as we were led to believe it would be, which means that we got home at a sustainable time, boding well for actually having a life outside of training.

The training facilities are not the greatest, with 13 people crammed around a conference table on laptops - but we're civil servants, we can deal with a lot, and I think are willing to overlook a bit of physical discomfort for something which is such a massively worthwhile career move.

My OU assignment was completed well within my self-imposed deadline, I've allowed myself a few days off the studies whilst I take in the beginnings of new learning. After that it's back to the proverbial grindstone, with another assignment due in a couple of months there's not really much let-up time.

Beyond the Basket

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