And today I get to play...

Only after a lot of hard work catching up on my assignment.  But today I got to play nice with bloggy stuff, and to fit in an extra bit of 'work' learning something called AngularJS.

Experimented with layouts of images and background stuff etc on my blog here, the purple is very much an experimental thing, not entirely convinced it will stay the course, that and the changes to layout.  But as a trainee IT Ninja Monkey, I need to be brave and experimental, and the purple was changed by directly accessing the source code of the page rather than clicking on pretty buttons, so it fits the criteria of 'learning' too.

Hoping that the real life IT stuff still allows a little 'playtime' as I think I cram in more learning when I play than I do sitting in a classroom situation.

Trying hard not to think yet about the OU exam which looms ever closer, or how I will need to structure life to fit in revision after the assignment is over.  I'm enjoying the real life stuff so much that it's getting increasingly hard to focus on the theory, however much I know it will benefit my journey in the long run.

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