Pre-revision time!!

Well, the assignment is packed up and on it's merry digital way.  So now it's onward, ever onward towards the exam.  But first I am allowing myself a week of 'just play', to take in all the learning on our project placements, get that straight in my head and to be allowed just to pick up a computer and get creative, playing nice with coding rather than being on a computer 'because I have to be'.

Hopefully that sounded less waffly on the virtual 'paper' than it did in my head cos my brains are addled I think.

There's been SO much information to take in this week, around how the Agile development environment is structured, how a real life project would work, and even new bits of languages creeping in there to mix it all up.

This time next week - start the revision plan and work out how all of that will fit together with my life once I get back into the training room.  Basically losing 2 days of 'daytime revision' a week to our training.  I think I need to keep reiterating the old mantra - 'good enough is good enough...'.  I just need to pass, how good a pass is almost irrelevant (only a matter of pride really).  As long as I feel as though I could get a good 40% out of the exam, then I will be happy.  I don't usually lose too many marks on the assignments so I feel fairly confident in that, despite the lack of enthusiasm and energy I've had to put towards this one.

And then.....eek!!  Almost time to sign up for the final course, the final piece of the BSc Hons jigsaw.  And beyond that - a graduation ceremony next October!!

OK enough waffle, I'll leave you to read any extras over on page 2!!

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