The Good the Bad and the Java

Whew it's been a hard couple of weeks on the training journey.  For me it's very familiar territory and a reminder of what I learned on Java, for most of the class it's been an uphill challenge.  Slowly the confidence in the room is growing, but the general feeling is that this part of the course was way too short for the amount of learning that we needed to cram in.

For me it's involved lots of the stuff I like best, troubleshooting code and figuring out why things aren't working in the way that they should.

(this afternoon was hard even for me though with problems installing software - why do things still have to be installed from 'command lines' in this day and age?  (me, I'm a button-clicky girl, I like buttons that do stuff, not typing in lines of instructions only to realise you got a minus sign in the wrong place or some such...).

Personally I feel like my own confidence is shooting up, both in the fact that I can trust my own knowledge and understanding of the code, but also in that I am competent enough to share that understanding with my peers, in maybe a more understandable way than the trainers at times.

One week and a day to the OU exam, and whilst I am not over-confident, I do feel like my revision is on good track despite the lack of time to devote to it.  Maybe it's being so happy in the day job, that the exam scares me a bit less?  Who knows, but I'll take it anyway!!

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