Ironing out.....

Well - here we are a week and a day into the module, and I have just finished Week 1 exercises and made a brief start on the first TMA.  So, only a day behind schedule.  We've already had our first tutorial this week too, which was helpful in ironing out expectations and establishing where to expend our efforts.

If I was to describe it with reference to the washing basket, I think it would actually be the nirvana of washing-basket-balance, not too full, not empty, it's odd, I've rarely felt this calm and organised this early in the proceedings, managing not to procrastinate too awfully!

The course software, whilst giving me some headaches with regard to my old PC, is quite user friendly, and is apparently to be used as a 'notebook' too for our assignments, which are completed within the notebook and then converted into a Word format for sending on to the tutor - whilst a little nervous that this process will work completely, I am loving the idea of not having to deal with my perceived failings in MS Word and chopping and changing fonts after copy and pasting multiple lines of code.  So hopefully a step into the new world.

I've also come up with some ideas of what I want to do as a 'pet project' from a software development point of view, something that will allow me to practice the skills whilst being of some use to me.  Just in the inception stages at present, playing around with existing software packages and working out how I would integrate them, but enough to give me thoughts that there will, indeed, be life after the OU, and that I will find focused learning still possible.

Enough rant now, more later, let's see how week 2 goes!

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