A little bit of Column A, a little bit of Column B

More about balance which seems to be a bit of a theme for me lately (well technically I guess a lot of this blog is about finding those balances...).

TM351 is, I believe, the most balanced module I have studied so far.  There seems to be a good mix between reading and practical work, I don't sit on a metro and wonder how to schedule in the massive piles of practical between everything else, nor do I have acres and acres of dry paperwork (albeit electronically supplied now..) to wade through before I can get to an interesting practical challenge.

And the practical challenges are complex enough to keep me interested, but simple enough that my brain doesn't explode whilst trying to figure them out.

I don't know if this feeling is 'for real' or whether it's simply a matter of perception, I do think it helps that my practical programming brain is switched on during the day, so that it is less troublesome to make those connections on an evening when I am tired.  I know that in the past I have found it hardest to 'switch my brain on' when it hasn't had to work very hard in the day job.

Looking forward to finding out how the balance works during this final module.

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