See saws again

It's a funny old time of year I think.  The balance between daylight and evening is all disrupted, and with it my body clock and emotions.  One minute I feel much more balanced, the next I feel as though I am spinning around out of control.  Had a bit more technical week at work, and I think occasionally, if I don't finish on a high at the end of my part-time week, then it colours my perception of my abilities for the rest of the week.

Keeping up nicely with the reading for OU, but this week I feel as though the practical has gotten away from me a little, despite best efforts.  So I will need to play catch-up a little this coming week.  Trying not to get behind, as there's a lot of new practical stuff that I need to keep my head up with.

Of course the procrastination fairy is waving her wand and trying to point out all the piles of clothing to be put away, the unwritten blog posts, the piles of piles.  I try to banish her entirely, but at the minute I either study, and feel bad about the other stuff not done, or do the 'other stuff' and feel guilty for not studying.

Looking forward to a life that will be really my own after this module, I can foresee many months of couch-surfing before finally settling into any kind of new 'routine'  I have to admit to a certain weariness now, between the (self imposed) slightly longer working hours, the commute, and the studies, I am worn out and ready for a rest.  My brains are getting used at work, on the plus side this makes the impact of study less hard, however, there's a tiny bit of me inside that says 'I was only doing this to keep my brains active, and I can do that at work now...'

Meh - I dunno - just in one of those odd moods I guess - this, like all things, will pass...

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