The Seesaws of Student Life

At the beginning of last post I was feeling super-balanced - by the end of the week, I was feeling super-stressed.

I think that such is the way of the distance-learning student.  Nothing in particular was the matter, just little bits of everything that combined to make my head hurt, occasionally the pile of responsibilities (of which the OU and its deadlines and such are just part) seems a little too much.

We had household repairs to be done, and I'm the type that will stress over such things till they are done and out of the way (and maybe even for a little while afterwards until they have proved that they are no longer something to worry about!).

 In addition there were things of a technical nature that I wished to replace, but I needed to wait for the outcome of the household repairs before committing funds.  Which left me second guessing my technical requirements until I was finally able to make the purchase, and thus a head filled with specifications and price comparisons and availability checks.

With all these out of the way, I settled down to a quite pleasant weekend - seesaw on the up again.  A day of working from home yesterday taught me that all that glitters is not necessarily gold....the 5 second commute was very pleasant, but the feeling of being separated from the full support of the senior developer was less so, there's only so much we can achieve without sight of each other's code, so the seesaw tilted a little back the other way again.

Happy to report that once back in the office, I did finally manage to iron out any issues from my day working at home.  I'm also remaining ahead of schedule with the OU work, something I would like to maintain if I can!

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