Chasing a finish

This weekend has been a slog, with most of it spent slaving away at the assignment.  Still not completed (or even close to it) by my own self-imposed deadline of the weekend before, and only 3 and a half more days in which to get there in time for the real life deadline.

I'm hoping that it all comes together at some point, and that progress becomes a little faster.  I certainly don't foresee a distinction on this one, maybe the pressure will be off a little if that isn't the case.  Maybe I might surprise myself in the end, but it's getting closer and closer to the deadline with slogging slews of slow progress, so I dunno?

Time to walk away for the night now, and back to it tomorrow night. (and maybe even lunchtime, an hour at lunchtime may be helpful when I am fresher in mind and body).

The Greater Washing Basket looks like a bomb dropped, I can see my 'week off' being spent putting it to rights again before Xmas.  Sigh - the joys of winter!

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