Procrastination, Panic and The Final Hope

It's pre - TMA time again - time for my body to shut down and decide that it's not really ready for all this study malarkey, and that there must be 25 million other things more important.

(Including apparently having a cold.....grrrr!)

I'm trying hard not to let the Procrastination Fairy in, trying to make small progress each day that I am capable of coherent thought after the rigours of travel.  But still I worry, is it enough?  Are those small concessions to 'self' and to downtime, too much, is there a brick wall with my name on it?

It's not helped by a particularly negative appearance on the Facebook page, which makes me worry about the final results, will I get the results I so desperately want?  People who were expecting high results barely scraped passes.  Think I need to speak to a tutor and get a little perspective on it all I guess, it may just be a few negative voices which are not reflective of the whole.  Meanwhile I think I need to remove myself from the Facebook group, as I'm not finding it helpful and it's proving to be a demotivator at the minute.

I think the fact that I can almost taste that First has me putting even more pressure on myself, the fact that this result Matters in the grand scheme of things.  Which is probably silly really, I'd still be immensely proud of myself with a 2.1, but the thoughts of a First are spurring me on like nothing else could do.

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