Making Lists

Well, you know it's "That Time" of year again (already??) - lists are being compiled to be used for inspiration for presents etc, who's getting what, what's been bought etc etc.

We were also talking about lists in our Weight Watchers meeting this week, namely the satisfaction of being able to tick off when something has been completed, and the sense of structure and order this can sometimes bring into the chaos.

Me - I alternate between loving and hating 'lists' - sometimes I can see them as just proof of how much is there as yet undone, sometimes they are the proof that I have 'done something' in amongst the chaos.  I think I like to focus on the achieved rather than the 'still to achieve', I think I struggle with the concept of a 'To Do List' as such as it never feels 'Done' - does that make any sense?

A virtual Kanban Board - completed items are dragged from one column to another to show progress

But one thing I found in last year's study, was that making and charting some kind of progress, whether that was on a physical piece of paper with ticks on it, or moving a virtual 'card' from one column to another of an online Kanban board, was something I did actually find motivational.

So a new online board has been set up for my studies, with checklists and progress and things to do.  Hopefully this can help pull me out of this temporary slump that I seem to have landed in.  I'd so love to finish this module with a distinction and pull out a First at the end of it all!

Feels like I have made some progress this week, getting slowly caught up with the practical work, although I feel that I'll not be sure how much I've taken in until I start properly working on the practical parts of the first assignment.

Got some really good feedback from managers at work in the 'real world' this week, which helps the confidence immensely.  I know 'it's all just practice' in reality but sometimes just helps to hear how things are going from an outside point of view.  Might expound further on that in Beyond the Basket, so keep an eye out over there as I'm trying hard to keep up weekly updates.....

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