Specialising in our own way - BFF SAL 3

So this week it was time to begin the speciality stitches. I did begin with the satin stitch, got halfway through the first one and didn't like the effect at all!  I guess because I am stitching on Aida so there was no structured place to put my stitches. So I devised my own plan, using what my BFF termed a super-cross stitch, a single stitch over two squares.  Doubled this up for the fullness of satin stitch and I'm quite happy with the way it turned out. 

Then onto the celtic knot on the cross.  This was supposed to be using a couched braid, but for me, in a project this small, I didn't feel like it would be massively necessary, and I quite like the look of backstitch. So this got added in the same red as the other speciality stitches. 

Next step was the border, once again calling for braid and doing so in vain.  I did try two strands of DMC 890, but it felt too much and took away the subtlety I liked from the borders - see below 

Going back to a single strand seemed to solve this to my satisfaction, as per the top image. 

It's interesting that once again my BFF and I approached this very differently, check out her uodate once posted on http://apatchworkofcrafts.blogspot.com


  1. Such fun our same but different projects.

  2. It's very brave attempting a TW on Aida but it's turning out very nicely. It's good to adapt the design to suit your own tastes too.


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