BFF SAL 3 finish

This one took a while, I had to find the right book for the job. I wanted A4 size so I don't have to squint at my hymn lyrics, and ringbound so that it will lay flat on my music stand.

A bit of creative framing was required when I cut all the sides without realising it would then be too small for the frame mount!!   So now there is a nice little white space to add a title.. How fortuitous!! 

I'm quite happy with how it turned out overall though. And it means I will see the piece every time I use my hymn book. 

Check out my BFF's finished piece too, on


  1. Nice to see the them was maintained, same but different. So pleased you found the right size for what you wanted. I look forward to seeing it with it's title added once you have decided on the style of writing.

  2. Your finish is lovely.
    I checked out your friends, very interesting that she stitched the binding side and the back.


  3. Great way to finish the design and a practical use too.


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