It's a Mystery... BFF SAL 4

Can you tell what it is yet?? Teehee, I have seen the pattern and even to me there is a hint of mystery about it.  I often feel like that at the start of a new stitch.  How can it still feel so mysterious when you have the pattern and the threads and a photo of the finished piece in front of you??

Not letting on quite what this one is yet, in the spirit of mystery.  I will allow only one clue from me... The pattern was sourced from the Cross Stitch Collection magazine in 2004.  I'll let my BFF decide whether she wants to share any other clue beyond that!!

I'm sticking with 14 count Aida and using up a blue from my stash, that my BFF and I both purchased from a craft club many moons ago as part of a 'baby colours' bundle. 

Check out my BFF's update when she's posted on


  1. Oh yes that blue on blue..hard work on the eyes but a start is always fun.

  2. I am looking forward to seeing this design.
    I love blues, such refreshing colors.



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