Wednesday 11 May 2022

The Road To Somewhere - BFF SAL 9 and other stuff

It's been a weird old week this one.  I think I've finally reached exhaustion point with the borders on the SAL.  On the plus side I have a choice of borders and corners to be working with, on the negative side then it resulted in a feeling of incompleteness everywhere.

A good friend of mine was successful in getting promoted at work, for a job which I chickened out of applying for. I have been living 'in my own head' way too much lately, I think, doubting my capabilities with work and real life skills. Oddly this comes along at a time when my crafty confidence is higher than usual. However, I'm guessing that some of that annoyance with myself spilled over into my stitching tonight, as I just couldn't get properly motivated on the SAL.  My BFF has her own tales to tell on the SAL side of things, so I'll let her update you later here.  Progress so far, mostly on Monday all in one long session after a muchness of grass cutting. 

So I dropped off the SAL and worked a little on my latest small piece, I'm working the kimono on a random piece of 14 count leftover fabric.  It wouldn't leave me alone, so I just had to start it. 

Remembering as I go along just why I don't love metallic thread... This tendency to split and pull. But as there's only a little bit of it in the pattern, I'm going to persevere as I think it will be worth it. 

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  1. Those are some pretty big borders! I think I would get bogged down too. It is definitely a candidate for "bath-time" stitching where I only do a little bit each day.