Tuesday 3 May 2022

Adventures in Evenweave

I've had a hankering for some time to try out stitching on evenweave. I've done it only once before, on a baby afghan my BFF and I did as a round robin for my son, 16 years ago!!

Having seen the spectacular nature of the BFF SAL on evenweave, one over one, though, that's what I wanted to try. 

But I also knew that I didn't really want to be buying a full piece of evenweave without a project in mind. 

So on our day off in person, my BFF gave me a little swatch to play on, about 60 x 70 stitches if working over 1.

Me being me, I decided to start with the Kimono from the Oriental Odyssey book by Joan Elliott. Pretty full on as far as coverage goes, although it's only 43 x 57.  So I'd have liked to have seen a shrunken version of this. 

This is as far as I got before deciding that the speed of stitching one over one is not for me.

(I should have anticipated this actually, given that I prefer to knit or crochet with thick wool which makes up faster) 

I could have stitched the entire piece on aida (or over 2 on evenweave) in the amount of time I have struggled with this a single stitch at a time. 

I think I would now be happy to work one over one in a small piece of work.  And I'm still keen to do something else on evenweave. But definitely over 2.

I shall contemplate it for the next SAL. That will be plenty of time to buy myself some fabric, as I have more than 50% of the current SAL left to work!! 

It's been an adventure though. 

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