BFF RAL (random along)

We're still between ideas for a joint project,  so more random stitches this week.  This week I have been working on the kimono from my Joan Elliot Oriental book.

That bottom cornucopia shape holding the flowers calls for metallic gold as per the border, I'm not convinced as it's very scratchy. Still trying to decide on what to replace it with though.  

I should manage to finish the cross stitch this week and get started on the backstitch.

Check out what my BFF worked on and how it is progressing here


  1. Ah yes I can see it better there (it was too hot to pull my copy out and look at the pattern before) I think choose an alternate and not the metallic. Unless , do you have a gold blending fillament that might be good with the gold already in the design.

  2. Joan's Japanese designs are lovely. I like the idea of blending filament, or maybe an Etoile thread?


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