Promises Kept (or Sounds Like a Plan to Me...)

Well - tis the end of the week - well - the weekend anyway.

And so far I have managed to keep all my promises to myself with regards to my TMA and progress etc:
  • Studied on the commute
  • Progressed the TMA on the evenings when I could study
  • Stopped when I had promised myself to (and enjoyed the resulting free time without guilt or remorse)  
  • Got in some daytime study - this one requires the most commitment I think - using 'free time' during the day on the weekend to study is a big pull.  I didn't do any on Friday, but as the promise was only to 'get some in' not do it on both days, I pulled it back by progressing to the end of the next question today.
Tomorrow I have a Sunday morning tutorial, but for tonight I have more quality time planned - my little brother and his girlfriend are coming round for tea and an evening of board games and hilarity.

There's still a fair chunk of TMA to get through, but I think that if I can plan and structure both time and activities the way I have this week, then I will manage it relatively unscathed!!

Make a plan - stick to the plan - reward oneself for sticking to plan.  Sounds like a plan to me!!

(and the resulting guilt free quality time with the BFF gave me inspiration and thoughts about how to carry out other 'plans' in my life - of a crafty nature)

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