Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Staying true

Well almost a week onward and I am staying true to my promises to myself....which is kind of nice actually.

The TMA is progressing, bit by bit, I have a week left in which to submit it, and I am on target to be finished by my own self-imposed deadline of the end of the preceding weekend.  (I rarely like to leave a TMA submission until the last minute, as invariably the internet would go down or some such disaster - so I like to be done by the end of the weekend before the actual deadline - with an absolute last day of the Monday before it's due).

And I have, every single time without fail, stopped at my internally 'agreed' points, and put down the computer and walked away.  And I feel much better for it!

I'll still be glad once it's done and submitted and I can veg on the sofa or in the bath for a few nights again.

OK - story time calls - time to be Mammy for a while instead of Student.

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