Thursday, 3 March 2016

Realisations of a developing developer

Well, yesterday was day 5 of training, and it's led to lots of different ways of thinking about stuff.

I'm feeling like the biggest challenge for me is not going to be the coding itself, but the confidence part, the confidence to speak up in daily 'stand up meetings', the confidence to know when to speak and when to stop speaking, and the confidence not to replay every single conversation over and over and analyse what I said and what I thought people thought about it...

(slept badly last night as I was analysing in my head what to talk about in this morning's meeting) - so I need to get it out there in the meeting and talk about it.  It's something I'm determined to work on, and I'm starting to feel that it's much more important than I realised!

What's next?

To answer that - I don't have an answer for anyone yet.  That question is still remaining mysterious to me too. From a work point of v...