Survive - and thrive?

Well - I survived the week intact after my momentary lapse of confidence in my 'people skills'.  I've come to the conclusion that I just need to practice my interactions, and be as proactive in meetings as I can be.  I guess it will come with time and practice.

Feeling really good about the coding side of things, I've practiced a fair bit over the weekend, and am working out ideas for some simple projects just to get myself into the hang of practical coding rather than reading about the theory again.

I've started with just a very simple web page, on which I am practicing skills of structure and layout to see how a page should look.

I also have a more complex idea in my head which I might work on as I go along.....a very simple (in look not programming skills) program to generate word search puzzles for my little boy to complete.   Need to think about the steps involved and get some idea of the structure.

It's exciting to be looking forward to 'work' again tomorrow - I use inverted commas only because it's so much fun - we do work very hard, the days are very structured and long (as are the 5 day weeks - crikey!!).  But it feels like something challenging and exciting and well, exactly what I wanted it to be!

The Greater Washing Basket looks a tad chaotic, not quite worked out how to structure my weekends to cope with the stuff I haven't done on a Thursday or Friday yet.  I'll keep you posted on 'developments' either here or on Page 2.

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