Trying to balance - the tightrope of study-study-life

Tightrope walker
It's a tightrope....

Having a few of those moments where I'm feeling out of whack lately, new working pattern and my body don't entirely agree with one another just yet.

I'm loving the training, and I'm loving the chance to put into practice the skills I've learned in my OU journey, but with that comes a balance to be found which I've not yet quite managed.

So far the days pretty much look thus:

  • Study OU on the train on the way to the office.
  • Spend all morning training
  • Spend lunchtime playing with the stuff we just studied or the 'play code' I've worked on the night before
  • Spend all afternoon training
  • Study OU on the train on the way home (nah who am I kidding, listen to an audiobook because the train is too busy to sit down)
  • Get home, eat, wash up
  • Upstairs in the study to 'play' with the things I've learned during the day.
  • 9pm TV time with hubby
  • 11pm bed.
And so on for 5 days in the week - the weekend looks pretty similar with lots of 'playing'.  Somewhere in the mix of all that I fit in church etc.

I'd like to find a balance between the desire to 'play' with code, and the need to study and complete assignment work etc for the OU.  Oh and somewhere in all that I would like to breathe and wash my hair!!

I expected that it was going to be a tricky balance to achieve, and I suspect that I may only master it after another couple of months when the OU exam has been and gone (eek where do I fit in revising for that?)

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