Procrastination Over...almost...

Well, the bell has almost rung to signal the end of the Bank Holiday weekend, which can only mean one thing as far as the OU journey is concerned - yes tonight is the start of revision planning.  With less time available to be taking notes etc, the commute is going to need to  be utilised to its fullest, taking on as much information as I can manage and then working on notes and examples on the evenings.

I'm as stressed as I ever am about revision time, there's never enough time left to try and cram in everything that I feel I need to know for the exam, but, to be honest, the 'Day Job' is kind of taking over at present, so I'm hoping that extra focus will actually help me to keep my 'study brain' turned on and not make me feel like I've no escape whatsoever from the studies.

It also occurs to me that, as the Database module doesn't have an examination, instead relying on an 'End of Module Assessment', this will be my last OU exam before I graduate fully with honours next summer.

People ask how I'm managing it all, I'm not entirely sure that I ever have 'managed it', just feels like a constant state of 'muddle through' with regards to time available etc.  But I am proud of myself for both my OU journey, and the new Software Development journey that it's given me the opportunity to be part of.

I get the feeling that the Software Developer job will be one which requires an almost life-long commitment to ongoing learning, the technologies change and adapt so often that there's a multitude of things to learn about on a daily basis, not just the software to program in but the other packages and tools that support the process.  So I don't think I'll ever stop learning, not till I'm old(er) and grey(er) anyway, when I might have a couple of days off and learn to hang-glide!!

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