Eek its almost upon us...

A quick post at lunchtime...the only presentations remaining now are from people on the same team as I went to, so it's going to be interesting to see the variety of different thoughts on the experience.

Am I nervous...erm yeah but not as bad as I expected, I've gone into OU exams with much more terror than this, so I can take that as a positive anyway.

Tomorrow back to some learning, not that we really stopped learning for the time of our placements, but back to the formality of structured days etc.  A few days on UNIX/LINUX this week and then into the main course of Java which actually lasts around 3 weeks, I think.

By the time Java is done with, I will at least have been through the exam and come out the other side, my 'free' time will be my own again to fill up with the delights of what I've learned during the day!

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