When enough isn't enough

Having one of those times at the minute with regards to revision, or the lack of time thereof.   My usual strategies for revising rely on those extra two days at the end of the week to allow a balance where I can walk away for a few hours as part of the schedule.

My last week has involved very long days at the office - loved every minute of the work we've been doing out on project placement, but it doesn't fit one well for turning on the study brain.  I've tried to do as much as possible on the commute, but there have been a couple of days where my body has just entirely objected, with the result that I stare out the window of the metro vacantly.

Having to reassess my revision style this year, therefore, I am now looking immediately through past papers to try and find the common ground, then I can concentrate more on those areas covered on the exam papers rather than try to wade through the entire set of textbooks.

I still need to keep remembering to strive for the 40% and work up to the rest.  I don't feel as though failure would be imminent, I just can't see how I can fit everything in that I need to without making myself ill in the process.  This week is usually still part of my 'oh my word I don't even want to be anywhere near my studies' period following the TMA, add in the extra pressure of the extra time at work and it's not surprising my body objects so strongly!!

OK that was a very rambly post, maybe it gives you some idea of where my head is anyway?  More some other time when I can actually think straight...

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