A new obsession - not just for Granny

OK, I'll admit it... I'm 'hooked' on crochet at the moment!!

First came the sunflower... 

And then the pompom stitch one... Which is my favourite so far! 
A bit of traditional granny square... 
A wobbly pompom variation 

And a couple of pinwheel style blocks.

I'm now obsessed and on the hunt for new and interesting variations on the granny square on YouTube.  I do like a demonstration video. 

The intention is eventually to join the blocks into a sampler blanket for my cradt room. 

Not bad for a craft that I left behind in the past as I couldn't get the hang of it!!

(I've also completed 2 matching hats and fingerless gloves to go with the poncho, but I needed a break from the bright blue for a while) 


  1. I remember my Grandmother when she crochet granny squares, she was an amazing Lady, she tried to teach me I just could not catch on.
    nice colors and squares.



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