Gifted Gorgeousness link up October

It's the 15th again, already!!!

You can find the rules and the main link up post over on, hosted by Jo.

This month's been a quiet one for gifts, but these cover charts haven't had a post of their own yet, even though you're likely to have seen them on the 'washing line of smalls' display before.

All 3 were from the World of Cross Stitching magazine on a single freebie.  I loved the whole set, there was also an ice cream but it was a different size, for me, didn't fit with the set.  The designer is Durene Jones, who you've seen a few times on both my page and ny BFF's. 

I also have a diamond painting Christmas gift finished, but I am not allowing a full share of that until after it's been framed and gifted. 

Hopefully there might be a more organised month ahead, when I can figure out what gifty Gorgeousness I can actually share!! 


  1. They are adorable, looking forward to seeing the diamond finish design.


  2. Oh so cute, I too am looking forward to seeing your diamond finish

  3. Your three designs are real cuties. I'm a fan of Durene Jones designs, which invariably bring a smile to my face.

  4. Such fun little designs! I too like Durene Jones and have stitched a few of her designs. What diamond painting are you working on? Would love to see pictures!

  5. Lovely stitchings, I love the cute puffin it's adorable. xxx

  6. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. These are very cute freebies, very summery!

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