A personal First

For the first time ever in my life I have created a wearable 'thing' with crochet.

It's a hat to match the poncho, as I have lots of wool left over. 

As it was an experiment with stitches and hook size, it is a little fuller at the crown than initially planned.  No matter, it means I can wear it as a beret

Or as a beanie 

I quite prefer it as a beret myself.

I've very much enjoyed making it.  It's also given me the confidence that I might manage to make a few more bits using crochet. 

Once again I will give credit to the Internet for the tutorials.  This one gave me the rough idea about how to make the increases, and I adapted as I went along for my thicker yarn. 

There's a lot to be said for watching random strangers doing something over and over... You can't always ask friends or relatives to 'rewind and show me again' 20 times over.   And seeing things in action usually makes more sense for me than static photos. 


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